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Groceries and Spirits


The market sections at Vecchio's are a bit out of the ordinary for this area.  Don't look for the familiar labels, unless you just moved here from Italy, Spain, Germany, or the Italian district of a U.S. city.Groceries

Are you looking for great canned tomatoes? Try one of the varieties by Mama Francesca, Pomi, Granado, Cento, San Marzano......



Vecchio's carries a wide variety of pastas (of course).  Look for these traditional labels: DeCecco, Divella, and Al Dente.  You know we will have the best.



Of course we have a wide selection of Italian and Spanish olive oils.  But you might be surprised to also find these oils; walnut, truffle, almond, hazelnut, avocado, and sesame.


Looking for tinned seafood for those special dishes?  On our shelves you will find conch, anchovies, italian sardines, mussels, herring, calamari, clams, escargot.

nutsWe even stock some specialties custom-made for Vecchio's.  Frank couln't find a fresh supply of roasted fava beans or fried ceci with fava beans, so he has had them made just for the store.



Wines are another popular specialty at Vecchio's.  In our wine section ou will find offerings different from most any in the area.  We do our best to stock selections that will pair well with our foods at prices that make them easy to enjoy.  Our wine list is ever-changing.  Stop by and see what is new and exciting.  If you find one that "is a must-have" on a regular basis, we can order most varieties by the case at your request.


beer and ale

Wine isn't the only beverage that our customers enjoy with Italian fare.  Vecchio's carries an extensive array of imported and domestic beers and ales as well. Here you will find such labels as Rogue "Dead Guy Ale" and Breckenridge "Vanilla Porter".  Have you ever tried Morimoto Soba Ale, or Stella Artois Belgian Lager?  How about Left-Hand "Milk Stout" or Paulaner Salvator?  There are just too may to list here, but if you are looking to expand you experience profile, stop by soon.